About Us

Hi, I am Kanav Juneja. I write about digital marketing on this blog.

I am sure you must have read few of my blogs. Some of you might have liked and some not so much..! I have been associated with Digital Marketing for more than a couple of years now and needless to say when someone talks about digital marketing, it makes me feels like time is losing its destiny.

Now being closely associated with online marketing and every little trait of it, it turned into my passion which led me to develop a platform like digimarketingclasses.com

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • Who can help me learn digital marketing course the easiest way?
  • What kind of website can you make?
  • Who is the one that can give you one on one guidance?
  • what are the things that you really need to know?

Then, You’re in the right place.

In last 7-8 years, I have experienced a lot from digital marketing whether it is a slow growth or a viral hit. In that time I also developed my own ways how to grow a website and you will wonder what really worked!…

Based on all my experience I have been giving people a 7-day free digital marketing course that will be sent right to your inbox. It is filled with exclusive tips, cool stuff that I find on the internet and some actionable hidden tricks.

Here is what more you can expect :

  • How to create an authority website
  • How to get the relevant traffic on a website?
  • How to make money blogging?
  • Do’s and Don’ts in Digital Marketing
  • How to generate and nurture leads?

You can simply sign up for the course by clicking here!…

Kanav’s Bio


I am just another common man who loves to simplify complex stuff.

I completed my schooling in 2009, having no future goal I did BCA (Computer Science) in graduation blindly following few of my friend’s suggestion and within few months I realized coding can never be my future but now anyhow I have to do it. But thanks to all those of my friends who let me choose BCA because through this I got to know one can make a website on wordpress without any coding knowledge.

And at the same time, there was a huge economic disaster which hit my generation very hard. There are only a few jobs left for programmers or engineers and I was way behind to get such kind of a job. Having no future career path, life was looking very bleak!

That day I decided to stop expecting for a job that clearly wasn’t there and decided that I will be going to start my own business. At first, I didn’t have a clue what this business was going to be, but then I decided to start making websites for people on WordPress.

I had no prior knowledge of website building or even what a blog is? And how to make money blogging? But then I taught myself, took the help of my professor’s. There was a definite learning curve to do this, but every step of the way, it was obvious that this information would help me throughout my life.

Since that time I started writing blogs and made money blogging. Never underestimate what your potential blog could achieve. I am no technical genius, there are still things that I am learning every day, but starting with a blog has given me a future that I look forward too. There is nothing better than working from home by doing a job that you love, that lets you spend time with your family.

You will be amazed to know how simple and easy it is to start a blog when you experience the sense of achievement.

We welcome the opportunity to learn what drives them. If you’re as driven and enthusiastic as I then stay connected with us…