How easily you can make money blogging? This new way.

make money blogging

I am constantly been asked how to make money blogging not even from beginners but even from professional bloggers.

So to answer you in this article I will walk you through with the process to make money blogging. If you already own a blog it will become more easy for you and in case you don’t, you can check out the right way to start a blog. 


How to make money blogging?


Bloggers make money in few different ways :

  • Enable adsence account on their site and get paid when somebody taps on those advertisements.
  • Promote products or services for others and get paid with a certain commission when you navigate their “offshoot connection” and make a purchase. (This is called Affiliate marketing.)
  • Selling own products after generating leads from opt-in forms.
  • Selling physical items and get paid when you purchase those physical items from them.
  • Offer services and get paid when you employ them.

The above things can be you as well the easiest way. Let me explain you step by step now what you need to do.

make money blogging



Step 1 – Set Up a blog

Keeping in mind the end goal to profit blogging you will need a blog. While this is clear many bloggers come with little or no technical background (like me).

On the other hand, if it is you – don’t worry! It was my story as well and most bloggers begin feeling a little overpowered by the way toward beginning their blog.

If you require a more help I would suggest you look at my article How to Start a Blog in which I have gone with steps you have to take to make your blog up and running. It’s truly not as hard as you may think!


Step 2 – Create useful and unique content

A blog is never a blog without content or posts. so once you’ve set up your blog, you have to focus on providing your targeted customers with a unique and helpful content because somebody visiting your blog is looking something new from you.

The key to making content is to make it as helpful as it could be expected under the circumstances. Write from your own experiences, it will make individuals feel like they know you and they believe you – which is truly needed on the off chance that you later will be making money from your blog only.

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Step 3 – Finding the targeted readers

Once you create a  high-value content, Find people who may use the information you are talking about. Try understanding your audience behavior by interacting with them. Words about you and your blog spread best among the people who know you.

If you need to profit from your blog you have to not only focus on building an awesome blog with that it is important to get off your blog and begin promoting and sharing it.

Start by finding of the type of reader you’d want to read your blog.

Once you get to know who you’re hoping to have read your blog ask yourself where that type of person might already be hanging out online. Begin to list what way they consume the information :

  • Are they reading out blogs?
  • Are they participating in forums?
  • Do they find podcasts better for them?
  • Do they spend more time on social sites? If yes, then which they depend on most?

Having such list prepared about your audience in hand you will have some good spots to begin to hang out and create value for them.

At initial your aim is to build a presence, add value and foster relationships with your audience.


Step 4 – Enhancing your relationship

With supported concentration after providing extraordinary information and finding readers for your blog, you’ll get to know individuals who are engaging in your blogs.

Now you have to change your ways to stay connected with those readers and further enhance relationships.

Interact with your readers by responding to comments, connect with those and do everything that you can to hold them.

Take care of the those who already have well and you’ll see they spread the news of your blog for you and make your blog considerably more broadly read.

Having a connection with readers is additionally significant less demanding to make money from.


Step 5 – Start making money from readers

Now, once you have set up your blog with highly engaging content, found the targeted readers and you kept on building relations, it is time now to start attempting with the ways to generate money from your blog.

Even if you have a strong relationship with your readers the money will just automatically flow.

It takes continues efforts and experiments to make money blogging.


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