Affiliate Marketing : Little known ways to do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

If you are new to affiliate marketing, this term sounds interesting to you.


It can be your passive income. right?

This income can be generated itself even when you are at sleep. Many bloggers and marketers who have been into this industry are very much familiar with affiliate marketing and they also know it the most lucrative way to generate money.

Let’s dig more into this.

In this article, I will explain you step by step how exactly affiliate marketing works?


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is one of the finest forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to buy third party products and services and when that person buys that product as per your recommendations you receive a commission.

Or in simple terms –

  • Find a product as per your niche.
  • Promote it with your audience
  • For every transaction made, you get a referral commission.

Now, the question comes how companies will get to know the transaction happened because of you. The simple answer is with a unique URL. (unique URL is given to you by the referring company).


Who is involved in Affiliate Marketing?


Merchant :

Merchant is the one who is looking to sell products online. In order to increase his sales merchant is likely to give affiliates on his site.

Publisher :

Publisher is one who signs up with merchant, get a unique Url and start promoting products by his own tactics and strategies. More a publisher advertise, more are chances to sales and more can be the commissions.

Customer :

Customer is one who buys a product and services. This customer is never known about the relationship with merchant and publisher.

how affiliate marketing works


How to become an Affiliate? 


Look on Homepage:


Many companies display their affiliate link on the home page either at the top or maybe in the footer. When you know the product you are likely to promote simply sign up and get a unique affiliate link, Login Id, and password.

affiliate link



Join Affiliate Network

Affiliate Networks are those platforms wherein you find a lot of merchants and affiliates both registered with them. Affiliate networks are always better than individual programs. Within Network, it is easy to manage the affiliate program than having individual affiliate accounts because, in affiliate networks, all your payments are consolidated according to different commissions from different merchants.


Top Affiliate Networks

affiliate network


FAQ: Affiliate Marketing


What is the cost to join for Affiliate?

As such, there is no cost to join an Affiliate Network. However, If you do some paid promotion that is completely your expense. But the best way to do is promoting the product on your own blog.


What amount can I earn from affiliate marketing?

There is no deadline to income from affiliation. It all depends on which program you’re promoting and how many conversions are made by you.


Is affiliate marketing harmful or illegal?

No, it is neither harmful nor illegal, as you will simply be using the particular link provided to you rather than a direct link to link to any site.


Can I advertise a product on Google Adwords with my link?

No, It is never advisable because brands have trademarks for their products. Google itself will never allow you to violence their policies.


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